Past Life Regression

With Gary Markwick


Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists,

Member of the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council (CNHC)

Member of the UK Reiki Federation

Member of MBS Professionals Ltd.


Gary Markwick is a qualified and registered Clinical Hypnotherapist D.H.P, NLP

Qualified in Past Life Regression, NLP, Smoking Cessation and Trauma Therapy. Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Trainer in the Law of Attraction.

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Gary offers Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Hypno Healing, and The Law of Attraction Workshops using NLP and Life Coaching in North London N12.

Gary is a successful Past Life Regressionist and has been practicing for the last 12 years.

Gary is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist with a holistic approach; he has been practicing as a professional hypnotherapist since 2006, although his training and qualifications with hypnotherapy and NLP began in 1998. For more information please click here.

Past Life Regression therapy, £145 – Session will last for around two hours.

Do you believe in past lives?

Have you ever been curious about your past lives?

Whatever the reasons for exploring past lives, it can often be an interesting and enlightening experience, as we are all the results from our past, and carry the memories from past lives into this life. By bringing these memories forward to the conscious mind, it can help us to understand why we continuously repeat the same cyclical patterns from our past. When this pattern is revealed, it can free us from limitations and restrictions and what no longer serves us, allowing us to live a more fulfilled life in the present.

Past Life Regression through Trance Work

I will guide you to a deep level of relaxation, where you will continue to journey onwards to a past life. I will be there the whole time to ensure your wellbeing. I will ask you what you are experiencing, where you may be, who you are in this other life (if known), the times and places and anything else that may occur during your experience of a past life. The session will usually last between one and half to two hours. This will also depend on you and your ability to visualize. During the session I will also take notes, which will be given to you later on.

Your journey will begin by allowing me to help you to relax through a light trance state. During the whole session you will be totally aware of what is happening and will always be in control.

One of the most important things when experiencing a past life regression is to be relaxed and to trust whatever may come to you on your journey. Some people may not see anything, or perhaps see very little during this experience. One of the main reasons for this might be because they are not allowing themselves to be in a completely relaxed state.

Sometimes one may try too hard to see through the conscious mind, instead of relaxing and letting the unconscious do its work. It does help to have a vivid imagination; however, a past life journey is not usually something that you have read about in a book, or watched in a film that you saw at the movies or on the television. A past life journey is about your unique experience and whatever may come to you on this journey will be right for you!

If, for some reason you are unable to visualize during the regression, then we will continue the session with relaxation and building self-esteem/confidence.

Have you ever wondered who you might have been in a previous life?

Questions like this and many more have been answered by taking a fascinating journey into the unknown, when you open doors that lead into the past. You may wish to do this simply for curiosity or perhaps to reveal accounts and actions that may have taken place in previous lives.