Prices and What is Hypnotherapy?


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Gary Markwick is a qualified and registered Clinical Hypnotherapist D.H.P, NLP.

Qualified in NLP, Past Life Regression, Smoking Cessation and Trauma Therapy. Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Trainer in the Law of Attraction.


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Hypnotherapy Prices:

Initial Consultation (including first treatment): £120

Subsequent sessions: £90

Pay for 3 sessions in advance: £250

Pay for 6 sessions in advance: £470





First Session Consultation (All consultations are given before the hypnotherapy sessions and are included in the price).


During the first session, we will talk about your problem, this is carried out in complete confidence. We will look at the possibilities as to how, when or where it may have begun, and how it affects you. In doing this, it will ensure that the correct therapy may be given to bring about relief or a cure. The first session can be very therapeutic, as it may be that you have had little discussion with others about your issues up to the present time. It will also help you towards feeling more relaxed, as you become acquainted with me as your therapist before we begin to work together.



The Induction


I will guide you to help reach a point of deep relaxation. This will allow you to concentrate on the suggestions given by me to create the positive changes that are necessary for you to achieve a state of well-being for your future outcome.



How Many Sessions Will I Need?


It is difficult to say how many sessions you may need, as everyone is different. Most clients can benefit from one session. However, it may be necessary to deal with the root cause of the problem, which can require analytical therapy. Analytical hypnotherapy is used to discover and remove the originating cause of the problem/symptom/anxiety. Often when using suggestion therapy alone, the underlying root cause may not necessarily be removed, and so the problem is likely to recur at a later date. Therefore, it is important to deal with these underlying issues. If you wish to remove the root cause of your problem, you should think in terms of between one to five sessions. However, during the consultation, we can discuss how many sessions may be required.



What is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a state of heightened awareness. It is not really like sleep, but more like an altered state of consciousness, because the person is alert, although there may be times when they will drift in and out of a deeper state of relaxation. It can be a similar feeling to daydreaming, when looking out of a window and your thoughts are far away, or watching a movie that you really enjoy, reading an exciting novel, or even whilst driving on a long journey and it becomes tiresome. These are all hypnotic states when you are fully conscious, although everything that exists outside and around you, sounds or smells, becomes irrelevant and distant. It is the same when under hypnosis, allowing you to concentrate on the suggestions given by the therapist while they guide you into a state of deep relaxation.



Can anyone be Hypnotised?


The answer is yes, and no. Hypnosis will not work if the person does not want to be hypnotized. It is a natural state and most people can be hypnotized. However, no one can be hypnotized against his or her will.


In theory, everyone can be hypnotised, however there are some people that may resist being hypnotised. Those who resist may feel that there is a need for them to be in control and think that if they allow themselves to be hypnotised they will lose control. This stops them from allowing themselves to relax enough to go into a hypnotic state. Hypnotherapists have said many times that the higher IQ you may have the better subject you will be for hypnotherapy. You will also respond more quickly in a hypnotic state, when receiving positive suggestions to the subconscious mind, from the hypnotherapist.



Will I be in control?


Yes, you will be in control! Contrary to some beliefs that many people have about the hypnotherapist controlling the client during a session of hypnotherapy, this is a misunderstanding. You are always in control and you are not made to do anything which goes against your personal values or beliefs. When you are under hypnosis you know exactly where you are, hypnosis is not sleep. You can adjust your position, scratch, sneeze, or cough. You can open your eyes and bring yourself out of the trance state at any time you wish.


Hypnosis will not work if the person does not want to be hypnotized. It is a natural state and most people can be hypnotized. However, no one can be hypnotized against his or her will.



Is Hypnosis dangerous?


There is nothing dangerous about hypnosis by itself, if there was, we would certainly know it. We would have to tell ourselves not to slip into another state of consciousness, not to daydream, not to concentrate deeply, not to become totally absorbed in things of compelling interest.



What can Hypnotherapy do for me?


The benefits of Hypnosis


Hypnosis can help people in making positive changes in their lives. The list below notes areas in which hypnosis is used, with great success:


Achieving in Sports Habit Breaking
Addictive Personality Health Issues
Agoraphobia Impotence
Anxiety Improving Athletic Performance
Attracting and Keeping a Relationship Improving Relationships
Bed-Wetting Incontinence
Blushing Inferiority
Building Confidence Insomnia
Child Birth Migraines
Circulation Problems Motivation
Claustrophobia Nail Biting
Concentration Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
Driving Exam Nerves Pain Management
Employment Stress Passing Exams
Emotional Issues Phobias
Exam Nerves Prepare for Surgery
Fear of Creepy Crawlies Post-Surgery
Fear of Dentists Procrastination
Fear of Doctors Psychic Protection
Fear of Heights Sales Achievement
Fear of Failure Self-Belief
Fear of Flying Self-Esteem
Fear of Public Speaking Skin Disorders
Fear of Snakes Sleep Problems
Fear of Spiders Smoking
Fear of Stuttering Stage Performance
Food Intolerance Stress Management
Gain Confidence Unwanted Habits
Gastric Band Weight Loss Weight Control and more.



Overcoming Fears and Phobias


Panic attacks, anxiety whilst driving, fear of flying, social anxiety, public speaking anxiety, fear of confined places/spaces, these problems all respond tremendously well to hypnotherapy. During the hypnosis sessions you learn to relax deeply, to release or let go of excessive anxieties and to break the old reaction patterns. Hypnosis is a safe and effective way to alter any negative and self-limiting thoughts. Hypnosis is powerful in that it allows us to reach the unconscious mind, which holds many powerful thoughts, which are both the cause and remedy of many of our problems.



After the Hypnosis, will I remember what took place?


Mostly yes. You will remember the suggestions given to you whilst under hypnosis, and everything of value that took place during your session. If you are very tired, you may fall asleep, this can sometimes happen towards the end of the session when you are not necessarily consciously aware. However, the suggestions you receive will be directed to your unconscious mind.