About Gary

Hypnotherapy with a Holistic Approach

Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists,
Member of the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council (CNHC)
Member of the UK Reiki Federation
Member of MBS Professionals Ltd.

Gary Markwick is a qualified and registered Clinical Hypnotherapist D.H.P, NLP
Qualified in NLP, Past Life Regression, Smoking Cessation and Trauma Therapy. Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Trainer in the Law of Attraction.
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Email: gary@hypnotherapyholistic.com

Gary is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist with a holistic approach, he has been practicing as a professional hypnotherapist since 2006, although his training and qualifications with hypnotherapy and NLP began in 1998.
Gary is also a successful Past Life Regressionist and has been practicing for the last 12 years.

“The journey goes back a long way in my family from the Celtic Ancestry of Scotland and Wales to more Recent times here in London, England. In the 1950`s my grandfather and my mother became quite well known with mind reading, escapology, illusionism, clairvoyance, palmistry and working with celebrities at BBC TV and Radio. Not surprisingly, I have always been interested in healing and mysticism from a very early age”.

Some years later in 1998, I decided to study for an intense hypnotherapy correspondence course in which I passed with distinction. However, even though I had made some cassette tapes of my voice with a composition of music that I wrote to help people with hypnotherapy, I did not take it any further. In 1999, I trained in NLP and following this, I learned Reiki healing and became a Reiki Master Teacher. Eventually, I studied hypnotherapy once again, and I have been practicing it ever since”.

“My aim is to help and show you how to find positive resources and intentions, by using your own skills to obtain the full potentiality that exists within your life.”


• Hypnotherapy Training Centre, Weymouth 1998
• NLP Personal Training, Barnet College, Hertfordshire 1999
• Assertiveness Training, Barnet College, Hertfordshire 1999
• Reiki I, Barnet College, Hertfordshire 2001
• Reiki II, Barnet College, Hertfordshire 2002
• Reiki III, Master Teacher, Barnet College Hertfordshire & North London 2002
• The College of Integrated Therapies for Hypnotherapy, London 2004
• Riverside School of Hypnotherapy, London 2006
• Past Life Regression – Trauma Therapy – Smoking Cessation, London 2006
• Karuna Reiki I, II & III Master/Teacher, India 2008