The Law of Attraction Personal Development Workshop


Using NLP & Life Coaching
with Gary Markwick

All things can be created and achieved

We can bring all things towards us

Without the need to struggle

We are all part of the one Universal source of energy and when we understand how this energy works, we can transform our dreams and turn them into reality.

This The Law of Attraction

One to one Life Coaching personal development  workshop using The Law of Attraction 

Gary Markwick is a certified Trainer in The Law of Attraction. He has been teaching The Law of Attraction workshops for 10 years with amazing results.

Gary is also a certified member of

The UK Reiki Federation

The Complementary

And Natural Health Care Council (CNHC) and The National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP)

If you want to increase your confidence and unleash the Power within, Contact Denize to make a booking or for more information


Mobile 07986 996414 / 07954 343655

Gary is a spiritual and holistic teacher who will give you his personal attention on a one to one basis all day in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where you will feel at home, in London N12.

You can book a workshops on any day from Monday to Sunday from 11 a.m. until 5/5.30 p.m.

Street parking available

Workshop Price: £245

A certificate will be issued on completion of the workshop

Change your thoughts and you will change your life

Do you feel that you are not going anywhere?

Do you feel that nothing is moving forward?

Give yourself a new direction

Change the negative into the positive

Learn to visualise with meditation to bring your dreams and goals towards you

The Workshop will cover:

  • What is the ‘Law of Attraction’ and how does it work?
  • Through our Thoughts we create and Manifest our Desires
  • We attract everything that we Think, Say or Do in Our Lives
  • Changing the way You Think, Being Grateful.
  • Removing Blockages, Fears, Mirror Images, Letting Go, Forgiveness
  • Raising your levels of Vibrations
  • Desires, Intentions, Believing, Deserving, Allowing and Accepting
  • Receiving and Giving, Dreams & Goals
  • Meditation, The Five Senses, Visualization, Detachment
  • Feeling Good about Yourself

Every day we attract everything into our lives

Negative and positive

It is your choice what you bring into your life

By changing your mind set

You can achieve the things that you want


‘Now it begins! Wonderful! Impressive! Interesting! And unbelievable! Gary is a really unique person with a talent to help, teach and inspire people! After the workshop I had such feelings that something would happen… And it did. The cash flow increased twice within 2 weeks and I have been so busy with my business. I have got a few other interesting projects, which I am going to work on very soon. I am feeling happier and harmoniously! “Everything is possible!” All the best!