I really recommend Gary to anyone who is thinking about getting hypnotised. He is a wise and calming force of nature. Getting hypnotised by Gary is such a relaxing and positive experience and it has helped me immensely. I’ve been twice now and both times I’ve found it to be a hugely beneficial and life-enhancing experience. It has really helped me tackle root problems. Gary is kind, reassuring and has such positive energy it would be almost impossible for him not to do an excellent job.
CU I was in a really bad situation when i came to your workshop, i failed in my exams, in my relationship with my BF and had no confidence because i felt fat…
but after i followd the workshop i felt alot better i discovered that there is alot more in the world than what we see, and it gave me hope. and with that hope and believe in that i continued to ask what i want from the universe and everytime i got an answer eventhough they were little they meant a lot to me, because they showed me that the LOA workes. But i think you must read the notes a lot, like everyweek, because you might get demotivated and it helpes you to continue again and with each time reading you discover something new. I give you some examples of the things i reached with the help of LOA:

1) i lost 1 kilo in 4 days without any effort and even being on diet or exercise.

2)I asked a better relationship with my BF, after that everything changed and it’s like we begun again and are feeling in love with each other again.(we still have to communicate alot but we’ve made the first phase)

3) I asked for money i did not say any ammount and was happy with any money that came to me, i rememberded i got some old books and could sell them to some students on a very low price but we both were happy.

4)I found peace in myself after doing meditation and visualisation.

and my friends and familymembers see the change in me and they all can’t wait to come to London and also be able to follow your workshops.

I hope these are good things i dont know how i must write a testimmonial, Sorry. I gave lots of my stuff to charity. many of them were new with their labels on them. And after that i really felt free and i feel i’m not that dependent to anything anymore.

Best wishes,


Gary is an incredible person , a great palmistry reader, healer and writer. He has a very special warm energy around him. I met him 10 years ago in Camden market and had a palm reading session with him which was incredibly accurate! My life has planned out just like he said so far and I have been going to see him for palm reading ever since. He also helped me a lot with hypnotherapy session for self confidence and very shortly after just one session i got a new job which was a big step in my career. He is also a great Reiki healer and spiritual guide. His book “Now it begins” is a wonderful guide to a self care and law of attraction. I just love Gary’s energy and it’s always so spiritually uplifting to see him.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. The concept of LoA is something I had been previously taught but not in the same way. Gary was able to offer a step by step guide which can easily be understood and applied. There are exercises which can be used at home once the workshop is over and the workbook is a great resource for referring too.

There’s plenty of ‘food for thought’ as you begin to explore some of the key concepts and even though I have heard some of these before, it gave me time to explore reflect and review how far I had wandered from the path.

I would highly recommend the course for both new beginning and those who are looking to reconnect to their inner being and truth.

Many thanks again to you and Denise.
Best regards
In light and love


I saw Gary for smoking cessation hypnosis 2 months ago, and having hit my 2-month-smoke-free mark I had to get in touch to say a big thanks!
Having been trying to quit a 15-a-day smoking habit – on and off – for the past 5 years, I finally decided to try hypnosis.
If I’m completely honest, I don’t think I expected it to work, but without a doubt this has been the easiest two smoke-free months I’ve ever had and I really feel like I’ve finally cracked it. I haven’t used any kind of other quit-smoking aide, and haven’t needed to. I of course have the odd craving, but am able to easily dismiss it thanks to the work we did… mainly, I think, due to the positive effects of being a non-smoker that we focused on during the session.
And I’ve even started running on a daily basis – first time in my entire adult life!!
If you’re even so much as considering it, just do it. Best money I’ve spent in ages!
Thanks so much Gary!! 🙂
Vanessa Flaxman
From James B (Wandsworth)
‘I had a very interesting past life regression with Gary. After a period of relaxation we went backwards. Through Gary’s questioning and relaxation methods I was able to recall 3 different distant memories.
The scenes were vivid, and at times I was overwhelmed with some very strong emotions that also brought about a strong physical reaction.  Gary helped by making notes and afterwards we were able to work together to piece it together and provide some deeper insight.
“As a person hugely interested in metaphysics I always wanted to try past life regression.
As far as I can remember since being a teenager. Despite the fact I arranged it, it never happened.
I’m extremely happy that my first experience was with Gary Markwick.
I visited him for palm reading before, so I knew him ( and commenting on that, despite I contacted many astrologers, numerologists he gave me the most accurate prediction that was actually happening ).
I was a bit worried about past life regression as it’s a big deal, but he put me in ease and the journey through my part lives ( there were many ) was very pleasant and surprising.
I couldn’t be any happier but what really surprised me was the energy he sent me at the end.
I felt in peace leaving and bonus was great mood, and some kind of energy I had, seeing things more clearly, it’s like feeling happy after a dull moment.
I would definitely recommend Gary, not only because he is extremely gifted at what he does, but because he is a beautiful soul and amazing human being and it’s not always the case.
Enjoy, whatever you are looking for. “
Once again, thank you very much and as I mentioned the energy. I was very pleasantly surprised. I must pop in for reiki healing.
Kind regards,
No matter where you come from, because the end point is the same: a new
beginning for anyone through an individual coaching designed to find our
inner self and abandon our old fashioned believes. Gary is a unique and
extraordinary coach able to tailor on each individual the implementation of
the Law of Attraction techniques,, in a terrific, user friendly and effective
All this is priceless, even if the price of the workshop is affordable for
Meeting and Learning from Gary has been a true Gift.
Look forward to attending the other workshops in the next future.
Past Life Regression Analysis
Gary and Denize
Thank you so much for your time yesterday. It has been such a wonder experience for both me and Sandeep.
We felt very warm and it was quite enlightening.
You guys are great.
Thank you again
Archana and Sandeep

I really enjoyed the Law of Attraction course, I was very sceptical about what to expect,  but once I was participating in the course with like minded people I felt much better and learned a lot of being positive and creating energies by visualisation. I have had a difficult life situation to deal with over the past few years and now I am working on realising my dream. Great course in a friendly environment.

Regards Harry



“Gary’s LoA workshop is an excellent way in putting the theory into practice.  Gary is welcoming and patient, dealing with all sorts of questions with kindness and without judgement.  His advice and guidance will definitely help me with my new positive future.  Thank you for your time and help.  KL x”